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When looking for a Senior Living Community Center Moriches that you can trust to take care of an elderly family member’s overall well-being, South Bay Adult Home should be at the top of your list! We’ve been around for decades and have a reputation for excellence when it comes to delivering attentive and compassionate assistance, home-like accommodations, and a fun and active social life! We’re a hospitable haven with a team that’s dedicated to enhancing the human spirit! We love what we do, and it’s reflected throughout our location!

At South Bay Adult Home, our residents are always our first priority! We’re all about encouraging them in the areas of physical, emotional, and social wellness! If there are areas of challenge when it comes to certain daily tasks, including self-care and grooming, we’re here to lend a hand whenever it’s needed! We can even provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy for those who qualify! We work with our residents to gain ground regarding any physical limitations they may be dealing with because we don’t want those in our care to just do alright, we want them to thrive! This way, they can truly appreciate and enjoy each day from beginning to end!

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Our accommodations for those in our Senior Living Community Center Moriches include the choice of a private or semi-private airy and spotless room, the perfect setting for watching TV, reading, listening to music, working on a favorite craft, as well as just resting your eyes! In addition, we offer services such as 24-hour supervision, central air-conditioning, assistance with medication, laundry, and light housekeeping, just to name a few! There are also some lounge areas for a change of scenery, not to mention our gorgeous exterior with its beautiful views, including those of the Great South Bay!

On top of that, South Bay Adult Home offers a great recreational calendar that has many activities listed throughout each month; there’s definitely something for everyone! Our staff encourages our residents to come and participate, and not only are the events themselves fun and entertaining, they’re the perfect place to meet new people and make new friends! Together, wonderful conversations take place about days gone by, as well as about common hobbies and interests and similar life events! In addition, they often get together in our lovely dining room where they’ll get to enjoy fresh, nutritious meals freshly prepared by our culinary chef and staff! There’s also no problem when it comes to any specific food dislikes and/or dietary restrictions!

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If you’d like to find out more regarding what South Bay Adult Home is all about, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (631)878-0578! When you do, our friendly and accommodating associates will gladly answer any questions you may have, as well as address any concerns about our Senior Living Community Center Moriches! If you’re ready, this would be the perfect time to make an appointment to come by for a tour and to meet us, too! Thank you for considering us!

Contact us if you are in need of a Senior Living Community in Eastport. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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