If you are looking for a home for your loved ones who require special care, South Bay is ready and willing to provide you with all the help you need. You do not want to cut corners when taking care of your loved ones who need special care, but considering how busy schedules can be, you might not be able to give them the care they need. And so you are looking for assisted living in Eastport. There is no better option than South Bay adult homes.

How to Choose Assisted Living Accommodation

South bay is a family-owned institution dedicated to providing our residents with a family to live out their golden years with.

Located in a serene location overlooking the Great South Bay, our grounds look like they are straight out of a breathtaking painting. It is situated on beautiful three-acre land that has been designed to foster a familial feeling once you step into it. Everything about our facility is built in such a way to make our residents feel at home while still offering them as much independence as they need.

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We welcome everyone looking for assisted living in Eastport to South Bay. We provide each of our residents with personalized care, We take care of the housekeeping and laundry, and we also handle shopping and the other chores.

When they need it, we provide them with personal care. Each of our special care residents is different and requires personalized treatment, which is why we pay special attention to the needs of our residents so that we can provide them with the best possible care.

We monitor their medication and provide them with necessary medical services when they need it. And because we know how important nutrition is for those with special needs, we make sure all our residents get treated to three meals a day in our country-style dining room.

These meals are home-cooked and familiar so that our residents will always feel like they are having their meals among family. And for those who have special dietary needs, we provide alternate nutritional options. We make sure to accommodate the needs of every member of our small family.

Why Choose South Bay Adult Home?

At South Bay, we try our best to provide our residents with the right atmosphere to continue promoting their social life. We strongly believe that age or special needs should not stop our residents from improving their minds and bodies.

This is why we provide the best social environment for you and the other residents in our small family. You can socialize with our staff and other residents or participate in one of the numerous social activities we offer.

Assisted Living In Eastport

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If you’re looking for assisted living in Eastport, contact us at South Bay.

We take our residents’ care and well-being seriously, and we strive to offer them an environment in which they can live out their years with the care they need.

If you have any more doubts, then a tour of our grounds is all you need to convince you.

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