Finding the right living arrangement for your aged relatives is essential and requires a lot of thought. You would want to provide them with a home away from home and a place where they can be part of a family. South Bay is family-owned, so we know the importance of family. We do our very best to provide our residents with a home by making them a part of our ever-growing family.

Tips on Choosing an Adult Home in Mastic

If you are looking for an adult home in Mastic, then South Bay offers you the warmest and most familial environment for our residents. We offer our residents the chance to live out their golden years in maximum comfort and care; the type only family can provide. This is because we consider each resident as part of our family.

Because we want our residents to feel at home, we have gone out of our way to make our architecture as homely as possible. It is tucked away on the waterfront of the south shore, where it overlooks the Great South Bay from where we get our name.

The three beautiful acres that make up our grounds look like they are straight out of a quaint painting. They provide a cozy and comfortable feeling that leaves you feeling right at home from when you step inside.

South Bay Adult Home Offers High-Quality Care and Accommodation

Our residents enjoy the same, if not better, quality of life that they had before they became a part of our family. Apart from lodgings, we provide twenty-four-hour care for them. They do not have to worry about chores or housekeeping. We will handle the shopping and the cooking for our residents, and when they are done, we clean up after them.

We understand the importance of nutrition, especially as we age, so we provide our residents with meals three times a day. These meals are homecooked and are served in our homely country-style dining. While making our meals, we consider the different preferences of our residents, and we make sure to offer alternatives for those who need them.

Because we want them to feel at home as much as we can, we provide them with care that is tailored and specific to each resident.

At South Bay, we open our doors to anyone looking for an adult home in Mastic. Whether they require special care or someone to help them to the bathroom, our staff will ensure they get all the help they need.

When you stay in Southbay, you get a family that provides you, and others like you, with the right atmosphere for social interaction. You can talk with other members of the family, or you could be part of the diverse range of recreational activities we provide.

So if you are looking for an adult home in Mastic, look no further than South Bay. We take the care and wellbeing of our residents very seriously, and we provide them with a home where they can harness their potential and live out their golden age in golden bliss.

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If you’re looking for an adult home near Mastic, contact us at South Bay.

We take our residents’ care and well-being seriously, and we strive to offer them an environment in which they can live out their years with the care they need.

If you have any more doubts, then a tour of our grounds is all you need to convince you.

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